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Healthy Mexican Night
Mexican food is one of my favorite. Unfortunately, it tend to be unhealthy. But, you can have Mexican food in a very healthy way!
How? continue reading!

One of the most famous Mexican dish is nachos with cheese. However, you can still have healthy nachos!The recipe is quit easy!

You will need tortilla wraps! Cut them into wedges and place them in a baking sheet and bake in the oven for about 6 minutes at 180 degrees. Isn't this super easy?
Instead of serving them with cheese you have others healthy options. My favorite is Pico De Gallo. The ingredients are tomatos, onions, garlic, green pepper, cilantro.. healthy!

Another one of my favorite Mexican dishes are Quesadillas!
Well, quesadillas have a lot of cheese but you can actually do something as delicious and healthy...without the cheese! 
You will need tortilla wraps, red bell pepper, green pepper, yellow pepper and onions!
In a pan, you will need a Tbsp. of olive oil. Then, put all your ingredients and let them for only 3-4 minutes. Place them in the tortilla wraps and you're done! It's delicious! 

 Sometimes, i add grounded turkey in it and it's really good.
You have real Mexican food but in a healthy version.
And i promise that you won't miss the cheese!

XoXo, Anita Costa

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